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Darrin Lauritzen

(323) 877 7286

Foundry Nuke

I’ve had a lot of intense Nuke training at Stereo D and as such I have great skill with clean-plating (and the tracking and rotopainting skills which that task requires) and proficiency with compositing (keying, etc). I have expertise in rotoscoping as well.

Foundry Mari

I love MARI! In fact, I find myself using Photoshop less and less because it's so awesome. With Mari, I’m able to create lush super photo-realistic textures.

Adobe Photoshop

The program I've been using the longest is Photoshop. Lately I’ve been using Photoshop a ton for color correction and to get rid of specular highlights and shadows on textures.

Autodesk Mudbox

I'm also proficient with Mudbox. As with Mari, I use it to project high-res reference pictures.


I’m proficient with Maya. I trained as a modeler, so I’ve got skills there. I am speedy and efficient with UV mapping - I had to be as a texture artist.

I'm also great with Adobe Illustrator, and have done work in zBrush, Geomagic, 3D3 and Artec software for cleaning up scan data.